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Over 2 million children suffer from ear infections, with five out of six children experiencing at least one infection before their third birthday. Although ear infections are more common in children, adults can get them too. Untreated ear infections can lead to unnecessary pain and possible hearing loss, but you can prevent this with proper evaluation and treatment by a healthcare professional. Norman J Chan MD in Chinatown, New York offers the latest in diagnosis and medical care for ear infections in children and adults. To book an appointment, call the office, or use the online scheduling tool.

Ear Infection Q & A

What is an ear infection?

An ear infection can be caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses. Your outer, middle, or inner ear chambers can be affected. Inner ear infections are less frequent, but outer and middle ear infections are quite common. 

Outer ear infections can affect the ear canal and are referred to as otitis externa or swimmer’s ear. Infections that involve the middle ear, which is the portion of your ear behind your eardrum, are known as otitis media.

Children are most likely to develop otitis media, but they can happen in adults, too, and the condition is often more serious in older patients. 

What are the symptoms of an ear infection?

Ear infections are often triggered by other illnesses such as a cold or allergies, which cause swollen nasal passages. Symptoms of ear infections can include:

  • Ear pain and inflammation
  • Hearing changes
  • Swollen ear
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Fever
  • Headache

If you notice any fluid coming from your ear, get medical attention at Norman J Chan MD right away. Since children are more likely to develop ear infections, it’s important to notice the signs and symptoms, which include:

  • Fidgeting with ears
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Excessive crying
  • Fussiness
  • Trouble hearing
  • Loss of balance
  • Fevers or temperature higher than 100°F

If you’re noticing the symptoms of an ear infection in yourself or your child, talk to Dr. Chan to get an accurate diagnosis, and start treatment right away.

How are ear infections treated?

Norman J Chan MD reviews your medical history and performs a physical exam by checking your outer ear and eardrum using a pneumatic otoscope. An otoscope is an instrument that allows Dr. Chan to look into your ear canal and screen for certain conditions. It also blows a puff of air to test your eardrum movement.

The practice also provides otoendoscopy exams at the clinic. This procedure uses a tube with a camera and fiber optic light to examine the interior parts of your ear. 

Your treatment depends on your symptoms, what part of your ear is infected, and how severe your condition is. Treatments for ear infections can include:


Dr. Chan may prescribe antibiotics to clear an infection. 

Ear Tubes

If you or your child are experiencing recurrent or chronic otitis media, which are repeated or long-term middle ear infections, Dr. Chan may suggest this minimally invasive procedure. 

During the procedure, Dr. Chan creates a small hole in your eardrum and inserts a tiny tube into the opening. This tube helps ventilate your middle ear and allows for excess fluids to drain out, helping reduce the chances of infection. 

To learn more, call the office, or use the online scheduling tool to make an appointment today.